1.Three game-based created for a business or marketing purposes.

1.Three current key trend and their impact
on the Digital Communication Landscape



1.1 Augmented Reality

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Augmented reality is a technology
that integration of a computer-generated image interaction between a user’s
environment and visual objects in real time. Unlike visual reality which creates
a whole new artificial environment that make-believe to be real. Whereas
augmented reality uses the existing external environment and overlays with
digital graphic on top of it. (Siltanen, 2012)


Augmented reality exists in through
types of digital information that make up augmented reality experience. One of
those types is marker-based augmented reality also called image recognition.

Marker-based uses a camera through a marker based application to scan QR/2D
code when a marker is sensed by a code reader to produce an augmented reality requested.

A QR/2D code is made up of a simple pattern, easily to recognized and does not
required any reading process. One of the best implementation of QR code in
marketing is Sukiennice Museum, a national museum in Main Market Square Kraków,
Poland. They have turned a dull painting museum into a painting that tells
stories. Visitors scan the QR code on a particular painting and they get an
augmented reality on their devices to tell stories behind the meaning of the


Augmented reality and its impact on
digital marketing. Augmented reality has involved user experience into the
brand marketing journey, it’s an engagement strategy, is not just attract
attention but also interaction. Concentrates on engaging in an enjoyment and
playfulness experience side of online marketing. Consumers interacted on both
digital and physical worlds. Other than that, augmented reality is highly
inexpensive, easily targeted and a high possibility of repeat engagement. In
this era of mobile-native culture make it most approachable to be connected
with mutual interest because when people could access to everything, they tend
to choose only what they like rather than to attached to everything.




1.2 Gamification


Gamification is an invention of
game-based created for a business or marketing purposes. But gamification is
not created from something new or a whole new idea application. However, it is
a process of amplifying effect on something that already exists. Amplifying
effect of a game element concept. Gamification element tremendously has
involved in all kind of business industries without realizing it has been a
part of it. (Bunch Ball, 2011)


Gamification involved active
participation. A great example of gamification today is Snapchat. Snapchat uses
gamification method by how strongly engaged a user with the app. They called it
as streak level and points. The user has to interact with another Snapchat user
daily or as often they could in order to get streak level and gaining points on
their profile. It seems like there is no benefit for them but the trick works.

Satisfactory and accomplishment of gaining point is what they get, Snapchat
user values achievement and they are involving more with the app. Thus,
Snapchat is strong for digital marketing landscape because of their high volume
of participation and crowd they could target.


Besides that, a Malaysian universal
bank, Maybank or also known as Malayan Banking Berhad also make their online
banking has gamification element approach. Maybank using gamification for a
seasonal marketing or target to a certain group of purchasing behaviors. What
they do is set goal reminder on the user account page in participating. They
make encouragement for the user to achieve a certain amount of purchasing
target so they could get a promotion code for their next purchase and a chance
to get a bigger prize. It is not the same as Snapchat, it is clearly like a
game, we play and we gain. Indirectly they are promoting various brands.



1.3 Search Engine Marketing


Search Engine
Marketing is known for SEM was also once used as a term to encompass both SEO
and paid search activities. Search engine marketing is the process of obtaining
mass website traffic by purchasing ads on search engines. (Search Engine Land,


SEO or a Search
Engine Optimisation is a name for an activity of improving search engine
ranking is the simplest term according to Lieberam-Schmidt (2010). It’s a result
of Google search displays links pages that represent relevant
and authoritative. Reliable and applicable of the web links measured to
analyse the number of quality compared to other webs. One’s web pages have the
potential rank in Google as long it interlinks between other web pages. In SEO
consists of on-page and off-page optimization, both activities driven
differently but with the same goal, gain website traffic. According BetaOut
(n.d.) stated that on-page refers to how well the website’s content is
presented to search engines involves a particular webpage is structured in a
manner so it could be found by search engines for given keyword and key
phrases. Whereas, off-page is a long-term process, determined “authority” by
other websites and takes time to improve. Basically, is all about online
reputation. It gathers relevant backlinks, such as fashion blogger put a link
on their blog to the fashion brand official website (Ritter, 2015). Off-page
optimization does the background work for a better search result.


Google played a huge part in Search
companies besides Bing, Yahoo Baidu in China and Yandex in Russia. Google are
known worldwide for their quick search, reliable source, and consumer-friendly
search engine. Google are created to organize information on the internet by
crawling through the old and new web page that could solve one’s problem or
questions. Thus, it has created a new digital communication platform for
businesses marketing approach. Putting their search engine marketing strategically
will stand out their online store, website, blogs and also social network in
absorbing mass traffic.  Search engine
has created new phase of digital communicating by learning consumer browsing
behavior and attitude. Thus, search engine marketing has strongly impact any
other digital communications too because without it, any communication effort


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2. Customer journey infographic


A customer journey of Marvel
Studios films before and after purchase.


For the new audience, it started between with offline advert (the previous
film released) or social feed post of aggregate content by Marvel for next year
upcoming film. Second, trailers or teaser on YouTube for a first-look of the
film storyline, SEO is a Google search for any links that related to the film
that interests them and Instagram Celebrity post (in the image: Instagram
holder of actors Mark Ruffalo and Ryan Reynolds post picture memes about their
Marvel they featuring in) because these two have a huge amount of follower to
spread the news to and social network active.


Third, consideration. Promotion from Marvel partnership such as Dolby
Atmos promoting better film experience like 3D or atmosphere D-Box theatre for
the film and Marvel Fan page is user-generated content blogs everything about
Marvel through Twitter or Facebook to gain on information of the film details,
such as behind the scene clips and interviews. Fourth, the official trailer on
Television displays and their website itself for the film release dates and
also from films website critics/reviews like Rotten Tomatoes and IMDB. Fifth,
purchased and experiencing the film in their selected cinema. Lastly, after
purchased satisfactory is by them posting and share their film experience
through social media and when they like it they would subscribe Marvel newsletter
for more updates and news for upcoming films.


Besides that, the new audience could also begin their journey from
Television displays then their cycle move to trailers on YouTube and steps
start there because some of them are new to Marvel Universe and they attracted
to the film’s actors or genre. Whereas, for current audience that always
follow-up with Marvel film will skip the second step to the third as Marvel
follower always rely on Fan page and bloggers updates while staying connected
with Marvel partners, cinema theatre for their cinematic experience membership.

And they will go through the fourth phase before purchased and the cycle goes.




Despite, Marvel always being on top of Box Office films cart and most
known superheroes film brand in the industries. But Marvel never had a direct
contact with the audience. The audience has to find their own ways in getting
the news and updates. Thus, I recommend an App that tells everything about
Marvel, from films, merchandised, comic and games. An app that can get through
any device, purchasing film tickets, film premiere live video on the red carpet
and etc. Majority of Marvel customers are the youngster and most of them have
smartphones to get an app and have purchasing power for movies. One app that
could skip all the small steps and straight to purchase and continue their
small loop of customer journey. Making their customer’s journey convenient and