Cause Cities lately, we can see on television that

Cause and Effect Essay

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What Cause the Flood in Big Cities

lately, we can see on television
that many cities suffer from flood such as Yogyakarta and Jakarta . Flood occurs
when an excessive flow of water soaks a land. Flood has become a problem often
experienced by the people in big cities. Every rainy season, people will be
more alert to flood. Apart from the rainy season factor, there are several
other factors that cause flood.

The first reason is high rainfall, the rainy season
starts around September and its peak in December to February. The river rill
become full, water channels are unable to hold water so that water is abundant.
It fill the streets ditches and if there is no absorption will cause flooding.

The second reason is littering. People who do not
care about the environment throw the garbage out of place, in the gutter and
the river. Garbage that clogs the flow of water in the drains will make the
water overflow and flood around it.  In addition
Trash will cause very disturbing health problems. This happens because the
waste is thrown out of place so that germs can grow and multiply anywhere.

The third reason is cutting trees, Illegal logging
that makes forests barren is one of the causes of flooding. The tree roots have
a function to absorb water. Therefore, if many trees are lost, it will easily cause
flood. Many plants have high water absorption, however if the soil is covered
with cement, or asphalt, plants cannot absorb water at all.

There are many effect
of flood. Flood spreads various diseases. The flood brings many bacterias,
because the seeds of the disease are carried by the flood, it will cause people
to be affected by diseases such as malaria, diarrhea and skin diseases. Flood can
also make  traffic jam because the road is
inundated by water. Many vehicles are breaking down and can not pass, causes
traffic jam along the road affected by the flood.

Flood occurred in
big cities is caused by several factors. First, is it because many people throw
garbage carelessly. Second is because logging. To anticipate, we should be more
concerned with the environment by not littering and planting trees around the
house or around the city center it is expected that it can help water
absorption. Government should make culverts and dams to accommodate high rainfall.
Provide counseling about floods, the effect, the factors and how to solve