CHAPTER among society in development of their behaviour. Secondly,



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chapter will provide conclusion and recommendations regarding this topic. In
the part of conclusion is an overall view about this study. Recommendations for
this field will contribute some ideas and benefits for the future for those who
will study in the same field.



For the field of this study, some improvement for the future
studies. Firstly, the population and sampling of the number of respondents must
be more abroad. The questionnaire also should distribute among those who field
in islamic studies. These can bring more effects and significances regarding
this topic. The implementation of stress usually occured in these circumstances
and some of them are most got the stress. For instance, another reseacher can
study on how to avoid the stress and what are the strategies to manage the
stress among society. And also, the other reseacher should study the impact of
stress among society in development of their behaviour.


Secondly, to ensure that the residents sensitive about the stress
among the students, workers, teachers, and others can facing the stress. The
society must pay attention about the stress because this is the serious cases
that can influence the behaviour, health, and emotional.


Furthermore, the number of respondents in the research also must
increase. A high number of respondents can also affect the reliability and
accuracy of the research. If the study uses a few respondents, the researcher
will get fewer respons and data. The form of questionnaires will also influence
how the respondents react  and answer the
questionnaire, so researcher should try to reduce the number of questions and
make it simple but pack with the objectives of the study. It can easier the
respondents to answer the questionnaires.


In addition, styles of asking the question such as close-ended
questions and open-ended questions should be change or combine it together. It
can help respondents to give wide perception about the topic.


Lastly, instead of using the survey method, it will also be more
interesting if in-depth interview can use during the research because it can
also give a valid data from those who are truly involved in the stress
management or got the depression in their lifestyle and they can tell more
about the experiences and challenges to facing the stress and manage the
stress. The study will be more effective because the respondents among those
who are really facing the stress and have their own experiences in the stress
problem and can give their own perspective about the stress.



In a nutshell, this study found that the stressor is very dangerous
to people especially a student. Therefore, this study will be the
responsibility of the people to know more about the impact of stress. All
parties must have awareness of stress factors. Especially, the students
nowdays. So, the people must be smart to avoid the stress among them and can
manage their stressor.

The impact of stress very dangerous to people community, especially
the students. After examining the whole of this study, no doubt that any
lessons for do not care about the stress. Due to the negative impact of stress
on student’s life, such as ineffective studies, poor academic performance and
the general health status, putting effective measures in place is pertinent to
their academic success and general life. This is done by identifying the main
causes of stress which includes changes in lifestyle, increased workload, new
responsibilities, and interpersonal relationships and finding the appropriate
remedy. A lot of research have been done on stress and it management and
pragmatic solutions given and we hope that, based on the analysis made, this
thesis will be of great help in helping students to have an excellent academic