Digital know how many customers are visiting our AdsPlacing

Digital Marketing gets trending day-to-day, all over the business companies wants to apply digital marketing strategies to solve their problems and enrich their sales to the targeted required customer. Even though some of the companies don’t have an idea about online marketing and they are loosing their money by face problems in applying marketing strategies and running offline advertising.I am listing some of the problems facing by applying offline marketing strategies areDon’t know how many customers are visiting our AdsDon’t know how many sales will be done by running present AdvertisingSpending high amount on Brand awareness AdsLoosing targeted customer with offline AdvertisingWe see in detail one-by-one how online marketing solves about listed problemsDon’t know how many customers are visiting our AdsPlacing Ads on poster boards or in the walls we don’t know how many customers are visiting our Ads in right time, but using online marketing tools and strategies like Google Adwords, Google Analytics and Social Media marketing we get a detailed analysis report on our Ad campaign.Google Adwords used to run an Ad campaign like Display Ads, Conversion Ads with targeted keywords for the targeted customer. It gives a brief analysis of your Ad campaign like how many customers are visiting your Ad in the right time and absorve Google analystics according to which time the more sales happening.Don’t know how many sales will be done by running present AdvertisingIn off-line marketing if your Ad is not good look or customers are not responding to present Ad you need to spend more money to design other Ad. So, by using Digital Marketing you can save your money and get targeted customers, while running Ad you can check the present Ad respond and if the response of Ad is not much targeted to your mind set view then immediately stop the present Ad and design other Ad to post to target all the customers.Spending high amount on Brand awareness AdsIf you running worldwide business then for your brand awareness “Facebook Marketing and Google Adwords” is more popular with less cost. For display Ad online marketing cost is less compare to o1ffline, in online for 1000 impression they cost Rs.20 to 50 (it is manual biding cost) and you can run conversion rating Ad concept – here you will charge for your Ad only when you customer reaches you Thank you page (i.e. sale of your product or conformation of bill of your product).Loosing targeted customer with offline AdvertisingNow at present running world every customer is busy with work, if you running offline Ad he may visit or not by his busy work. If you run Facebook Ad the customer visit it on his free time and once he click on your Ad on his free time then you can target that particular person by ROI concept or you will get email ID or contact details of particular person.They are many ways to target you customer with less cost using Online Marketing compared to offline so the next 25 years the business fields are running their Ads to target their customers using Digital Marketing.