Friedman our earth, it won’t be long before society

argues that the only social responsibility of a business is to maximize the
profits of that business. Friedman believes that a corporation, although a legal
person, does not have the same responsibilities as a real person. Real people
have a conscience, telling them what feels right and wrong. A corporation on
the other hand does not know the difference between right and wrong, but only
how to lower costs and increase profits. Friedman bring up the question of “what
does it mean to say that ‘business’ has responsibilities? Only people can have
responsibilities. A corporation is an artificial person and in this sense may
have artificial responsibilities, but ‘business’ as a whole cannot be said to
have responsibilities, even in this vague sense” (Friedman, 121). Friedman
brings the perspective that society cannot expect these businesses and
corporations to comply with social responsibilities. These businesses only know
how to maximize its profits, and it cannot do that with having social
responsibilities as well.


and Dixon on the other hand, believe that if society continues to be controlled
by these large corporations who are destroying our earth, it won’t be long
before society begins to feel the effects of these corporations. They believe
that as a society, “we’re entering a crucial time in our history. In coming
decades we’ll come upon one critical junction after another in rapid
succession. The choices we make and the paths we choose at each junction will
be irreversible. The stakes are as high as they can get.” Homer and Dixon
believe that if these corporations do not start acting socially responsible,
then the earth and humanity is doomed. They believe that social responsibility
of corporations is for something bigger than profits, something that will help
preserve our earth and begin to fix the problems that have already been created
by these same businesses and corporations.

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agree with Friedman in that corporations don’t have responsibilities, and that
they only know how to maximize profits. However, I do agree with Homer and
Dixon that something needs to be done in order to stop these corporations and
businesses from continuing to destroy the earth. I believe in order to solve
these problems that the United Nations should become more involved in creating
international laws. Regulations should be put in place that restricts
businesses from damaging more of the earth and the atmosphere. Having an
international judicial system would allow the United Nations to be able to
control more of the problems and attempt to solve them through restrictions and
regulations set in place for all businesses.