Importance After passing 5th standard examination, students transferred to

Importance of education

a day’s education is very important to survive in the society. In same way progress of country also
depends on education as like as our future. Our religion also guide us to take
education for both genders. Our Prophet (P.B.U.H) “Seeking knowledge is a duty
upon ever Muslim”.

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Pakistan education system

educational system is governed by Federal Minister of Education. It must be
compulsory in educational system of Pakistan to give free education from 5/16
years old children. They also have to support adult literacy rate.

education system is divided into five levels:

Primary level
(1-5th standard)

Middle  level(6th-8th standard)

High level(9th-10th

level(11th-12th standard)

graduate, M.Phil. and PhD)

Primary level:

type of education is adopted from British system of education. In this British
education system pre-school education is planned for 3 to 5 years old children.
This type of education consists of two stages like nursery and playgroup. After
pre-school education students transferred to 1-5th standard like
junior school. It has been noticed that in Pakistan only 80% students complete
their primary level education.

2) Middle level:

            After passing 5th standard examination, students
transferred to the middle level of education like 6th to 8th.
Gender based system is applied in middle level of education like co-education
is preferred in urban areas while co-education is not prefer in rural areas.




Middle level subjects:

Seven subjects are most important and commonly taught in middle
level schools i.e. English, Math’s, Urdu, Social Studies, Islamiyah, Computer
and Science. The subjects are also depends on the nature of school either it is
Urdu medium or English medium.

3) High level:

            After passing the examination of 8th class students are
transferred to high level of education i.e. 9th, 10th standard which
is also called secondary level of education. Students are needed to pass the
examination by the board of intermediate and secondary education. After passing
these two examination of 9th and 10th standard students are rewarded
with Secondary School Certificate (SSC) this certificate is also called
matriculation certificate.

High level subjects:

In high level subjects there is combination of eight subjects which
includes some selective subjects such as Chemistry, Biology, Physics and
Computer and some compulsory subjects like Math’s, English, Urdu, Islamiyat and

4) Intermediate level:

After passing 10th standard examination students
transferred to intermediate level i.e. 1st year and 2nd
year. After passing the examination  of
11th and 12th standard by BISE students are awarded by
the Higher Secondary School Certificate which is a very important document for
the student’s CV. For their intermediate level students have many different
options and groups of education to choose like (FSC) pre-medical,
pre-engineering, commerce, computer and humanities.


Intermediate level subjects:

There is a combination of six subjects in intermediate level, which
includes 3 selective subjects which student choose regarding to the group of
education and three compulsory subjects i.e. English, Urdu, Islamiyat in 11th
class and Pak-Studies in 12th class.