INTRODUCTION part impacts and is affected by each other


A gathering is a dynamic social
substance made out of at least two people. These people connect reliantly to
accomplish at least one shared objectives for the gathering or comparative
individual gatherings that every part accepts can best be accomplished through
gathering interest. Because of this investment, every part impacts and is affected
by each other part to some degree. After some time, statuses and parts produce
for individuals while standards and qualities that direct conduct of outcome to
the gathering are acknowledged by the individuals.

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            It is easy
to figure out a group with a positive dynamic. A member
of this group has the following characteristic: they trust each other, they work towards an aggregate choice, and they consider each other
responsible for getting things going.

            Working together means teamwork. Teamwork is almost the entire activity on board ship.
In a working environment like ships, teamwork can be the way for a safe

            Sooner or later, being a seafarer
likewise implies managing troublesome individuals on board, and in a few cases
proficient blockade adrift can prompt a dangerous work culture. Gathering
investment in scholarly related exercises can be an awesome preparing for every
single sea understudies for this will upgrade their social aptitudes and would
showed them how to manage other individuals. Cooperation between individuals
from the gathering impacts a ton on how the undertaking would advance,
additionally it would direct how an individual would manage the genuine
circumstances a long way from being a sea understudy. For the accomplishment of
the undertaking, every part should watch their disposition for it will
influence the gathering execution or one ought to create intense interior radar
to screen how they introduce themselves to abstain from disturbing partners
without acknowledging it.

            Managing troublesome individuals
locally available may be precarious at times, for it would require a
considerable measure of persistence and an uplifting standpoint in life.
Becoming more acquainted with more different seafarers may be of extraordinary
help to persevere through the passionate agony of being far from family and
companions for a time span. Amid scholastic related exercises, understudies are
being molded to be prepared for what it resembles in reality, state of mind
constantly matter and a standout amongst other approach to have a solid
association with every part is to know them better to maintain a strategic
distance from some misconception. From having a strong working environment
loose, close by being profitable professionally, stable associations go far
together. Chipping away at ships is a collaboration simply like in numerous
scholastic related exercises wherein, a solitary part can’t make the
undertaking conceivable without anyone else. It isn’t a limited show and
keeping in mind the end goal to run easily and securely, great relational
connections for each group is an absolute necessity.

Offering some help to some tricky persons onboard would
take a lot of courage just like offering some help to a sensitive group member
for the purpose of completing the project, he might think that helping him
means he is not capable of doing his part all by himself, but this attitude
really means demonstrating an eagerness to comprehend to have a better
relationship with him.

This research is only limited on how group participation
of a maritime students in an academic related activities would influence his
socialization behavior onboard. It covers the application of academic-related activities
to the real problems faced by every seafarer  
on board.

As a soon-to- be deck cadet and officer, this study will
introduce the researchers and his fellow BS Marine Transportation students to
the importance of group participation onboard as a means of achieving goals and
maintaining safety. This research paper will enable the maritime students to be
fully aware of the nature of a group and how the concepts of a group are being
applied in group dynamics onboard. Moreover, it is expected that through this
research paper, the researcher will be able to edify the minds of his fellow
maritime students about the subjects’ practical significance onboard ship
particularly in the deck department.



The study aimed to determine the group
participation of Lyceum International Maritime Academy students in
academic-related activities and its influence in socialization behavior on
board. Specifically, it sought to identify the academic related activities that
students participate in group, determine the effects of group participation to
socialization on board, evaluate the significant relationship between group participation
of LIMA students in academic-related activities and socialization on board, and
propose an action plan based on the results of the study.



Over the past years, maritime industry in the
country has been growing and widening. According to the Maritime Industry Authority, Philippines is the leading
source of seafaring labour in the world, he also said that one out of four
seafarers carried on by
overseas shipping is a Filipino.

According to Marine Buzz
(2017), Filipino seafarers can easily be friends with other nationalities. They
are the most caring workers. They can easily be friends with other crew
members. This is
related with the present study “Group Participation of Maritime Student in
Academic Related Activities and its Influence in Socialization Behavior
Onboard” because this serves as an example that academic-related activities can
possibly influence and affect socialization behavior on board.

students who participate in different academic-related activities will benefit
them from those activities. Students will meet new people resulting to a
possible development in socialization and making new friends with whom they can
share their thoughts, ideas and interests.

can use the knowledge they gained from participating in those activities to
their future career or future profession. Also, they have the opportunities to
improve their behavior, communication, leadership, interpersonal relationship
skills, etc.

are the different academic-related activities in school, the extracurricular
activities, sport activities, spiritual/religious activities, environmental
activities, cultural activities, leadership organization/leadership activities,
language proficiency activities etc.

In the study of Bullon, Bueno and Saz (2016), it was
revealed that the participation of the students to the sports activities is
connected to the attainment of higher grades. Aside from that it helps to have better
health conditions for the practitioners, sports activities also help the
physically active students to interact more with other students. The study also
analyzed the effect of sporting activities to the academic performance of the
students in colleges. Some authors discovered the positive effect of sports in
academics of the students while others reported a negative effect.

Abela and Gupo (2015) discussed that the students of
Lyceum of the Philippines University-Batangas Campus are highly engaged in walking,
jumping, running, hopping and throwing. It was also discussed that majority of
the students are moderately engaged in different sports activities. The
researchers recommended that the LPU Physical Education teachers may arrange
different sports organization that will enhance student’s awareness and ability
to become more competitive.

In the investigation of the profound engagement of the
understudies, it was demonstrated that the way the understudies see their own
profound feeling of being and religious duty vary essentially between school
majors. One of the beneficial outcomes of the otherworldly development in the
scholastic execution is they are loving the heading of one’s life, feeling
settled and centered, and considering each day a gift. A portion of the
religious contributions are perusing sacrosanct content or sacred writings,
going to Heavenly Mass and taking part in religious singing. Building
informational wants in the midst of school will most likely occur among
understudies who demonstrate an abnormal state of unselfish help drive.
Additionally, confidence likewise increments amid school. Understudies who are
hunting down responses to life puzzles and looking for the reason and
significance of life are demonstrating the rising level of mental pain amid
school. In physical wellbeing, having a high self-rating in deep sense of being
and generous self-idea may prompt positive development (Bonderud and Fleischer,

According to (2017), students demonstrate the
greatest spiritual growth during college if they are dynamically involved in
“inner work” through self-reflection, contemplation, or
meditation. This two also strengthen religious commitment and religious
engagement. Helping friends with personal problems, donating to charity
institutions encourage the development of the spiritual qualities. Student
academic and personal growth may also be achieved by exposing oneself to
spiritual qualities like equanimity, ethic of caring and ecumenical worldview.
It also contributes to their psychological well-being and enhances their
satisfaction with college life.

The involvement of students to environmental activities
has great benefits. Environmental education improves the academic growth.
Students obtain better test scores by engaging in lessons about the natural
world. It serves solution to the everyday gadget lives of today’s generation.
Students who experience to play with diverse natural settings are more physically
active, more imaginative and more civil to one another. Outdoor activities also
improve the students’ health. It also boosts the ability of students to focus
and enhance their cognitive abilities (, 2017).


            Social occasions likewise have advantages to
undergrads. These occasions offer scholastic and social open doors as well as
encounters, addresses, classes, parties, social celebrations, social grounds
occasions, volunteer/group exercises, meetings and vocation fairs. These are a
few open doors accessible to understudies today to organize and make open doors
for themselves are a portion of the reasons why understudies ought to be
required with school and social occasions at school. Understudies are permitted
to join to the advantages accessible in their school. Being concerned in such
events help to mingle to new set of people aside from their family and friends.
It also helps to discover their passions, skills, opportunities, strengths and
weaknesses (Desai, 2015).

cultural activities increases the chance for social interaction with the
different conditions that will really help in the development of interpersonal
skills of students.  It also educates
students on how to achieve a common goal, which builds the sense of
responsibility. It also increases self-esteem and extend the message of peace
and brotherhood.

            The association of understudies to
associations is additionally advantageous as proposed by Smith and Chenoweth
(2015). As per them, understudies who are occupied with understudy associations
appraised themselves higher on both administration qualities and behavioral
than the individuals who don’t. In addition, Foubert and Grainger (2006)
reasoned that the association of the understudies to clubs and associations
help in building up mental advancement, particularly on vocation arranging and
life administration. Unmistakably those understudies who required with clubs
have greater advancement in numerous territories.


As far
as authority exercises, it uses understudies’ aptitudes, gifts and vision to
persuade others to accomplish a shared objective. It additionally finds the
understudies’ authority style. It enhances and fabricates administration
aptitudes and improves the relational and relational abilities. Understudies
are additionally ready to apply what they realize inside the association
(, 2017).

            Participating to the activities
helps improve the communication skills and it also develops the confidence of
the students that is why schools integrate some extracurricular activities to
enhance the English proficiency of the students. Some involves in the writing
and speaking test. However there are factors affecting the learning the English
Language. Some researchers believe that
English has a big effect to the career and future of the students. Some
demotivating factors of students in learning English are lack of confidence,
fear of committing mistakes, demotivated teachers, and lack resources are few
of the many factors that demotivate students. Teachers should help the students
to lessen the pressure and worry to commit mistakes in practicing English. They
engage students to be more productive and turn their fear into challenges and
challenges into success by giving activities that they’ll surely enjoy as a
class. With proper cooperation and bond between the students and teachers,
demotivation can be reduced to almost none (Aquino et al., 2016).

            To improve the English Proficiency
of the students, the researchers observed the students who attend an English
Camp. Based on the survey conducted by Leong et al. (2017), all of the students
agreed that their attitude towards English is positive. However, 78% thought
that they were capable of enhancing their English on their own.

            In the maritime industry, English is
considered as an important tool to maintain safety of life and property at sea.
It is an important tool because given the international character of the
maritime industry, a particular ship can be composed of a diverse set of crew
where daily understanding on-board and external communication is a must.
Because of this, legislation on maritime job requirement has strongly
emphasized the importance of English language proficiency in relation to
shipboard operations and safety at sea. Non-native English seafarers are now
required to demonstrate knowledge of English adequate for professional and
safety purposes. To ensure safety of life and property at sea, every seafarer
must have a broad knowledge of English and good communication skills to be able
to respond as the situation demands (Logie, 2001).

investment in the academe is noteworthy in building up socialization and
gathering cooperation installed. In an investigation directed via Caruso and
Woolley (2013) and Mannix and Neale (2014), it has been discovered that
exercises went for including the sea understudies to take an interest in a
gathering can enable the understudies to build up a large group of abilities
that are progressively critical in the expert sea vocation. Positive gathering
encounters, besides, have been appeared to add to understudy learning,
maintenance and general scholarly achievement (Astin, 1997; Tinto, 1998).
Appropriately organized, school exercises involving bunch cooperation can
strengthen abilities that are significant to both gathering and individual
work. These aptitudes are breaking complex undertakings into parts and steps,
successful arranging and time administration, refined comprehension through
talk and clarification, clear correspondence about giving and getting criticism
on execution, testing presumptions and creating more grounded relational abilities.


 National Review of Understudy Engagement
Report (2006) discovered that gathering interest in the academe can likewise
enable oceanic understudies to create abilities particular to collective
endeavors installed like handling more intricate issues than they could without
anyone else, viable appointment of parts and obligations, sharing various
viewpoints, pooling information and aptitudes, cultivating responsibility,
getting social help and support to go out on a limb, growing new ways to deal
with settling contrasts and building up a mutual character with other gathering



Research Design

            This investigation used the illustrative strategy for
explore. The expressive strategy for inquire about is a reality discovering
study that includes sufficient and precise understanding of discoveries. The
specialists lead examination by utilizing open finished inquiry to assemble


            The participants of the study were
the BSMT and BSMarE students of Lyceum International Maritime Academy who are
already done with their onboard training for the period of June to October
2016. Seventy-eight BSMT graduates and 41 BSMarE graduates were selected
randomly in order to gather the data.