New threats are made known in the network because

New threats are made known in the network
because of SDN and network functions
virtualization in mobile networks. Thus to tackle
these issues centralized monitoring, SDN programmability
and traffic filtering capability are applied on the
end user and mobile networks. For a programmable SDN
enabled network, if attacker gains unauthorized access
to the SDN controller the network can be exploited. The
attacker injects  malignant traffic to the network which
corrupt  network services. To identify such attacks intrusion
detection systems (IDS)were used, but they
weren’t that effective. Hence a scalable redundant reliable
architecture was  made known. This architecture combines dynamicity and
programmability of SDN ,traffic filtering capabilities of IDS and clustering
mechanism for load
balancing.  ASA safeguards SDN
from overloading and from resource abuse attack

The ASA for future
aircraft communications is applied
in a satellite system architecture
with SecMan module  with alternatives
to define security policies. Over and
above  ranks among the supported security mechanisms
are set up by SecMan,  by  to choose
 the finest security policy for the connection request. 

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The software architecture on mobile
devices with adaptive security of network protocols was developed.This architecture is implemented on android platform and is  able to trade off between security levels and power consumption . The architecture  let the network interface to stay in low power mode for a longer period by blocking the packets and sending them in burst mode.Three difffrent security levels with corresponding ciper suites were proposed : low , medium and high. High has the
highest security level and highest power consumption, while medium has medium
security level and average power consumption and low has low security level and
lowest power consumption