Question secure and at hand. If an organization does

Question 6: Discuss the challenges that an operations
manager can expect to encounter when applying the principles of process
performance to the upstream (supply-based) section of supply chain

An operations manager can encounter different challenges
when applying principles of the performance process. Two of those challenges
are that we don’t know who is buying the product and the inability to control
our customers process. These can become a challenge because it is difficult for
a manager to determine the upstream supply chain.  

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Question 8: Under what conditions could inspection, storage,
and transport be considered value-adding?

Inspection, storage, and transport is considered
value-adding for many reasons. Inspection is a valuable part of the process
because it allows an organization to make sure that the product meets the company’s
standards. Storage also brings value to an organization because storage is vital
to keeping the product secure and at hand. If an organization does not keep an
inventory then the organization is putting themselves at risk when a customer
wants a product. Last, transport adds value to the process because transport allows
a product to be moved without changing itself.  Every organization needs to have a value-adding



            5. Best bicycles
manufactures three different types of bikes: The Tiny Tike, the Adult Aero, and
the Mountain Monger. Given the information in the table, calculate the required capacity for
this year’s production. Note that the times are given for assembly
lines, so capacity calculations should be in terms of the number of lines
necessary. Assume that Best Bicycles operates two shifts, each with 2,000 hours
per year.

        a.  3.06


            8.  New time videos (NTV) is a new online video
rental service. In the field, it is trying to compete by offering its customers
access to all the major new video releases in one business day. That is, if you
order a video from NTV, you can expect it in one business day from the time
when you placed the order. When you are done with the video, you simply drop it
in the prepaid mailing envelope and return it. All videos arrive in a sorting
facility located in the Midwest where envelopes with the videos are opened,
checked (right video with the right sleeve, no scratches, no cracks, no dirt on
the videos), and made ready to be sent out again, As the manager of the
facility, your goal is to turn the returned videos around in 6 hours (a shift
is 8 hours long).

Calculate the expected average flow time. (Hint:
Use Little’s Law)

Answer: 11.07 hours

What changes would you recommend to meet the
goal of processing a returned video within 6 hours?

600,000 per shift