The emissions data to the Carbon Disclosure Project. This

The aim of this investigation is to determine the optimum position for Amazon
in terms of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) to in order to exert competitive
advantage, maximise profit and expand. This will take into account the effect
of Amazon’s level of CSR on its past and current success, in addition to any hindrance
or benefit that has been seen as a result of Amazon’s CSR policy., Inc., is an e-commerce and cloud computing company, and
consumer goods and services producer, that is traded on NASDAQ with a market
capitalisation of $675.61B (, 2018). This makes it the most
valuable retailer in the United States by market capitalisation. It is also the
largest internet company in the world by revenue and the fourth most valuable
public company in the world. Amazon’s tremendous size and scope means that its position
on CSR will have substantial effect, while many of its competitors are known for
their CSR. This means that there may be a position that has a competitive
advantage over the other. However, despite this, Amazon has never published a
sustainability report and appointed its first sustainability executive in just
2014. This indicates the reasons for which Amazon does not have a reputation
for CSR. Others include Amazon failing to comply with an SEC rule to disclose
climate-related risks to investors, and not disclosing its emissions data to
the Carbon Disclosure Project. This shows the appropriateness of the
investigation as it means that it could be said to be at a competitive
disadvantage to other companies because of their CSR and therefore suffer in
terms of reputation or profitability, the effect of which should be determined.

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CSR allows businesses to improve their image and reputation as well as
pleasing shareholders and stakeholders. This allows them to increase their
revenue and profits and grow their business. This shows that improvements in
this area would be greatly important and beneficial to Amazon.