The we have a choice to get them or

Dual Citizenship Dilemma: A Complete Guide

Whether we like it or not, a stereotype is presented
by our identification documents for defining the rules of political, economic,
and even social engagements. This is irrespective of whether we have bad intent
or not and where we come from and who we really are. Our identity documents
suddenly tend to become our calling cards that communicate to everyone else in
a foreign land on how to exactly deal with us.

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In today’s free and democratic world, we all do have
the opportunity to join whatever social engagement or networking groups we
want. HSBC, Barclays, RBS, and Lloyds all tell us – memberships and association
with them have certain privileges. We may like them or not like them, but at
least we have a choice to get them or not. Can you also enjoy privileges
offered by multiple countries when it comes to citizenship?

What Is Dual Nationality – Dual Nationality Meaning

Dual Nationality (also referred to as dual citizenship,
second citizenship or even second nationality) can be described as the
citizenship status of an individual, in which the individual is concurrently
considered as a citizen of more than one country under the laws of those

In other words, dual citizenship or dual nationality
is where an individual gets the privilege of having two or more nationalities.
An individual is entitled to get nationality in the country of his or her
birth, and may later decide to acquire nationality of another country by

It is important to note here that the term “Second
Passport” is often used by some as similar to “Dual citizenship”.
However, the two are completely different.

An application for dual citizenship is to become
a citizen at the same time of two different countries. On the other hand,
a second British passport is to hold two passport issued by British
authorities at the same time.
A Second Passport can only be obtained by
applicants who can prove that they are frequent international travellers.
The applicant preferably should be a senior representative of a company or
even bloggers who travel frequently for that matter must prove his or her
intention to travel to conflicting or visa entry countries. This passport
cannot be issued for accommodating tourist visa requirements.

What Is A Second Passport?

A Second Passport is different from the usual passport.
It will have a different expiry date and a different photo to the usual passport.
The Second Passport will be characterized by a different passport number and it
will have no link with the usual passport.

Acquiring a Second Passport is completely legal and this
passport is not a replacement, duplicate, or renewal of the usual passport in
any form whatsoever.

Why Apply For A Second Passport?


A Second Passport is considered to be an ideal
choice for individuals who are required to submit an application to get
multiple visas for specific travel destinations.
It is usually taken by individuals who are
required to visit conflicting countries. For example, some
Muslim-dominated countries like Libya, Kuwait, Syria, Iran, Iraq,
Pakistan, Sudan, Yemen, and Saudi Arabia don’t issue visas to applicants
if their passports bear a visa or stamp issued by Israel. This is where a
Second Passport can be useful.
Second UK passports are also acquired by
applicants who are required to have two passports due to their jobs, e.g.
flight attendants, pilots, people who work on oil rigs, etc.
It would also be beneficial for individuals who
travel on a frequent basis and therefore their existing passport gets
completed and finished early, after being quickly stamped.
A second British passport may also provide you
refuge you require while you sort out life, in the middle of an
international conflict or misunderstanding.

Advantages And Disadvantages of British Dual

of British Dual Citizenship

ü  Right
to Vote – Dual citizens
receive the privileges and advantages provided by each country. For example,
they get the right to vote in either country, have access to multiple social
service systems, and are allowed to work without a requirement for a work visa
or permit in either country.

ü  Education – Dual citizenship or second citizenship also
eliminates the requirement for long-stay visas. Furthermore, it guarantees
right of entry to two or more countries, which can be critical if you are a
student, have family to visit, or run a business in a country of which you are
a citizen.

ü  Lifestyle – As a dual citizen enjoying UK citizenship, you also
get the unique ability to being immersed in cultures of different countries.
This means learning new languages, ways of life, and history of different

ü  Tax
Planning – You become the
beneficiary of an extra degree of privacy in your financial and banking
activities. This could further translate to better international tax planning
and profitable investments.

ü  Financial
Security – Some banks and
financial institutions also tend to be more flexible and willing to work with
nationals of certain countries. This means ease of getting loans and financial
support when you have dual citizenship of a favourable country.

ü  Property
Investments – The concept
of dual nationality also allows those enjoying dual citizenship to own property
in multiple countries. This means that you can easily work, live, and retire in
any country of which you are a citizen, by birth or by choice.

ü  Visa
Free Travel – British Dual
Citizenship allows you to live, work, study, train, and do whatever you want anywhere
in the 28 member states of the European Union. No visa applications, no
restrictions, and no questions asked.

Privileges – It also allows you to
benefit from unmatched ease of travel in the Commonwealth. The British passport
offers visa-on-arrival or visa-free access to 173 countries and territories.
This also means access to almost 268 British Consulates and Embassies in more
than 170 countries, which means safety for you at almost all times and