Tourism every restaurant, from local to international, people come

Tourism is one of the world’s
largest and fastest growing industries. In many countries, tourism is the main
source of income for the locals as well as the governments of those nations. With
the development of transportation throughout the decade, it is easier for everyone
to visit other places and explore different cultures. For this reason, more and
more tourism based products have been developed in order to accommodate the
needs of a large number of travelers. One tourism based product that play a
vital role in the development of tourism industry is the restaurant. It is
usually the number one choice for tourists and travelers to eat out. Beside the
fact that it is more convenient, tourists come to different nations to explore
others cultures, and a glimpse of the local’s culture can be presented right on
the plates of food. Nowadays, in order to attract customers when there are so
many restaurants out there, each restaurant has to find a way to differentiate
themselves to stand out among lots of competitors. When developing a marketing
plan, it is wise to apply the four Ps into the business: Product, Price,
Promotion and Place. Not only does it proves to be an effective marketing tools
in influencing the sales and profits, carefully analyzing the 4Ps of marketing
and use it in your business can contribute to your success in this industry.

Let start with the first P
which is product. In every restaurant, from local to international, people come
there mainly for the product. The product that you provide for customers will
determine if they want to come back or not, whether they going to recommend the
restaurant to their friends and families or else. It is important to leave the
customers with  good impressions and amazing
experience when coming to your restaurant, and in order to do that, providing
exceptional product can do the job. What is the first thing that come to mind
when talking about restaurant? The answer is food, and food is also the most
important product. Each restaurant has their own specialty, dishes that they
specialize in. And it helps customers to choose what kind of dishes they want
to eat, and make the restaurant more memorable thanks to their specialty. For
example, A Bite of Asia specialty is Asian dishes, such as Chinese, Japanese
and Thai food, so it is pretty popular among Chinese students, as well as attracting
guests who would love to try some Asian food. The tourism industry always grows,
so it is important to research the market and develop new products in order to
meet the market’s needs. Some local restaurant in Cape Breton area used to
serve Canadian food only. But due to the fact that more and more Chinese
students come here to study, they have started updating their menus to include
some Chinese dishes in, so that they can attract Chinese students to eat there.
But focus on the food only is not enough, as it is only part of the product
that restaurants provide. Other factors, such as parking, decoration, and so on
also contribute to the experience of the guests. Built a playing area for
children to play in while their parents having meal is a really smart way that
McDonald have been doing to satisfy their customers.

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